2017-18 Annual Notification to Employees

2017-18 Signature Page

Hard copy binders located in each office

Alternate Mandated Reporter Training (more comprehensive):


Personnel Resources

Medical Benefits
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Employee Assistance Program


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Company Code: sia

Up to 7 mental health visits/year


Renew Your Credential


All credentials must be renewed online

Print out confirmation page and submit to HR

Mandated Reporter Training 


Read the FAQs before taking the quiz.

Print Certificate when finished

(go to Staff/Trainings/All to print)

How-To Instructions

Child Abuse Reporting Form

Salary Schedules



Suicide Prevention Training

Create an account using one or both of these enrollment keys:

Elementary School Educators: es111

Middle School Educators: ms111

Print Certificate when finished.

403b Accounts

(voluntary retirement accounts)

Manage your payroll contributions:

Research 403b Plan Vendors:

Epi-Pen Training


How to Use Epi-pen (scroll down, 5 min)

Stock Epi Training (slides)

Mandatory Retirement Accounts


MyCalSTRS.com (certificated)

MyCalPERS.ca.gov (classified)

Blood-Borne Pathogen Training

It's Up To You (11 min)

Don't Touch That (3 min)